Getting Help and the BloodHound community

This article applies to BHCE and BHE

SpecterOps ❤️ Community

We at SpecterOps love the security community, and BloodHound as it stands today could not have been without the community.

SpecterOps employees have made countless community contributions through blog posts, public research, and open-source security tooling. We have trained thousands of students in our adversary-focused training courses and helped hundreds of customers with adversary simulation and detection assessments.

Join us in the BloodHound Gang Slack where the community of BloodHound and adversary-focused security is gathered.

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BloodHound Enterprise support

BloodHound Enterprise customers can submit a helpdesk ticket by clicking the "Submit a request" button below each article.

For non-issue inquiries, BloodHound Enterprise customers can contact their dedicated Technical Account Manager.


BloodHound CE support

BloodHound Community Edition does not come with support from SpecterOps.

Users can open an issue on the BloodHound repo or ask for assistance in the community Slack: BloodHound Gang.

If you're looking for official support, you may need BloodHound Enterprise. Contact us for more information, or learn more about the benefits of BloodHound Enterprise and see how BloodHound Enterprise can be an invaluable addition to your organization's security toolbox with a demo by clicking the button below.

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