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This article applies to BHCE and BHE

This edge indicates the principal has the Global Admin role active against the target tenant. In other words, the principal is a Global Admin. Global Admins can do almost anything against almost every object type in the tenant, this is the highest privilege role in Azure.

Abuse Info

As a Global Admin, you can change passwords, run commands on VMs, read key vault secrets, activate roles for other users, etc.

For Global Admin to be able to abuse Azure resources, you must first grant yourself the ‘User Access Administrator’ role in Azure RBAC. This is done through a toggle button in the portal, or via the PowerZure function Set-AzureElevatedPrivileges.

Once that role is applied to account, you can then add yourself as an Owner to all subscriptions in the tenant

Opsec Considerations

This depends on exactly what you do, but in general Azure will log each abuse action.