This article applies to BHCE and BHE

GPO node.svg

Node properties

The node supports the properties of the table below.

Properties which are blank/null will not be shown in the Entity Panel.

Entity Panel name Description
Tier Zero / High Value BloodHound Enterprise: Whether the object is part of Tier Zero of the Microsoft's Active Directory Tier Model, or the Control Plane of Microsoft's Enterprise Access Model.

BloodHound CE: Whether the object is currently marked as High Value. By default any object that belongs to Tier Zero is marked as High Value.
Display Name The display name for the object.
Object ID The object's GUID, a unique identifier in the directory.
ACL Inheritance Denied Identifies whether an object is allowing ACL inheritance to itself.
Created The time when the object was created in the directory.
Description The contents of the description field for the object.
GPO Path The location where the Group Policy files for this Group Policy Object (GPO) are located. Particularly relevant for when you are doing group policy-based attacks, or for pillaging group policy files for juicy information such as clear text passwords. For more info about GPO-based attacks, see