Create a BloodHound Enterprise collector client

This article applies to BHE


This guide explains how to create a BloodHound Enterprise collector client, either of:

  • SharpHound Enterprise
  • AzureHound Enterprise

It should be used by BloodHound Enterprise (BHE) administrators when deploying SharpHound Enterprise or AzureHound Enterprise.



  1. In the top right, click settings ⚙️ → Administration
  2. In the top left side, click Manage Clients
  3. On the right side, click Create Client and, from the drop-down, select one of the collector clients, for example Create SharpHound Client
  4. In the pop-up window, for example named New SharpHound Client, input the Client Name and click CREATE
  5. The pop-up window Client Token Info will appear; follow the instructions in it - save the key before clicking CLOSE


The collector client will appear in the Manage Clients table with a Status of Unconfigured.