Create a data collection schedule

This article applies to BHE


This article outlines how to create a collection schedule on a collector client that will ensure continuous data collection. BHE administrators should use it when deploying a new client or adding an additional schedule to an existing client.

Generally, Azure and Active Directory Structure do not change significantly enough to warrant more than daily collection.  Local Groups and Sessions can be scheduled to collect every 7 hours to ensure a good sampling of round-the-clock activity.



  1. In the top right, click settings ⚙️ → Administration
  2. In the top left side, click Manage Clients
  3. On a client, click the burger menu and select Edit Client
  4. In the Edit SharpHound Client window, under the heading Collection Schedule, click the + icon to add a new schedule.
  5. In the Schedule window, configure the schedule:
  6. Save the schedule by clicking Save
  7. Save the collector client by clicking Save


The client is now configured for continuous data collection with one schedule. You can add multiple schedules to a single client for more granular control.

A brief of a client's schedule is shown in the client table's column Collection Schedule.

After the next schedule, see the job's status in the Finished Jobs Log by clicking ⚙️ → Administration, and in the top left side, click Finished Jobs LogThe columns Status and Status Message report on the job's completion.