Run an On Demand Scan

This article applies to BHE


This article outlines how to run an On Demand Scan to perform a one-time immediate data collection with a collector client. BHE administrators may use it during collector client deployment, one-time collections, or troubleshooting.



  1. In the top right, click settings ⚙️ → Administration
  2. In the top left side, click Manage Clients
  3. On the client, click the burger menu and select On Demand Scan 
    • Tip: Verify the client is online by validating Status is Ready
  4. In the On Demand Scan window, configure the scan:
    1. Data: The type of data the schedule collects, see SharpHound Enterprise Data Collection and Permissions
    2. Advanced Options: See the Scanning section in the article SharpHound Enterprise Tenant Configuration
  5. Start the scan by clicking Run


The client will start the On Demand Scan after the next client check-in, usually within one minute.

Once started, the client's Status will show Running a Job:

After completion, see the job's status in the Finished Jobs Log by clicking ⚙️ → Administration, and in the top left side, click Finished Jobs LogThe columns Status and Status Message report on the job's completion.